Month 2 Curriculum and Week 1 - The Mindset

Welcome to Month 2- Congratulations you've made it this far.
  • Week 1 -Molding the Mogul Mindset
  • Week 2 – Create Customer Insight plans to test the market in the context of your archetype and Lean Canvas 
  • Week 3- Practical week – Market Validation (no recorded sessions)
  • Week 4 – Market Validation Findings for your venture and feedback 

Week 1 - Molding the Mogul Mindset.

Let me tell you one of the biggest impediments to is one's mindset. Mindset is everything. We will be exploring self efficacy, which contributes to confidence, then we move to the mogul mind.

Take the Self Efficacy evaluation and comment below. Let us know if the results were surprising and what you may ahve learned about your level of self-efficacy. Now take this text as it relates to your business (not your 9-5) if you have that - your current entrepreneurial venture.


Self Efficacy

Self-efficacy is about having the strong, positive belief that you have the capacity and the skills to achieve your goals. Self efficacy is an element that is extremely important in molding your Mogul Mindset. Often we do not think of ourselves of moguls because we lack self efficacy - the belief that we are capable and skilled enough to become moguls. So let's discuss self efficacy and what affects your self-efficacy.

Building your Self Efficacy


Self Efficacy Improvement Challenge

  1. Comment below and tell us which of the six tips you will seek to implement this month to improve your self-efficacy.
  2. Next write a specific task that you will do this month as an action step to implement the tip. As an example if you choose step 6 maybe you will build a vision board to help you visualize your mogul life.